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Celebrating women leading the business of life science innovation in metro New York and beyond
Metropolitan New York Biotech Companies with Female Founders
New York Metro and Its Innovative Women Scientists and Entrepreneurs
These New York Metropolitan Women are Running the Business Side of Biotech
Pioneer in Telehealth: CEO Ann Mond Johnson of American Telemedicine Association
Meet the Biotech Bosses of Metropolitan New York
BIO’s New CEO Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath: Exemplifying the diverse biotech ecosystem
Aetion’s Real World Evidence Platform Collaborates with FDA to Create Breakthroughs in Evaluating Covid-19
In Silico: How Envisagenics is Using AI to Discover Biomarkers and New Therapies for Lung Cancer and Genetic Disease
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Women's Biotech Network


New York Metro Biotech Women CEOs

Here is the list of Women CEOs, Founders and Co-Founders 


Successful Women Founders in Biotech do This:

BUILD NETWORKS: "Focus on consistently and actively building and maintaining your professional network. Focus on networking for your next growth phase. " ~ Noga Tal, Global Head of Partnerships at Microsoft for Startups (PitchBook and All Raise "All In Women in the VC Ecosystem" 2019) ((TAP Here))

How strong is your network?

Biotech Metropolitan Women is on a mission to enhance the network of women entrepreneurs in biotech/pharma/medtech.

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