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Dr. Cory Abate-Shen is the current chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Professor of Urology, Medicine, Systems Biology and Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University Medical College. Her research focuses on the changes of gene expression and cell identity during cancer initiation. Dr. Abate-Shen has served as director of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center and has been selected as an American Cancer Society Research Professor.

 Method and Composition for Diagnosis or Treatment of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The invention recognizes methods, pharmaceutical formulation and medicament for treating and preventing the transition of prostate cancer, from a non-aggressive state to an aggressive state. Administration of one or more active agents reduces the expression of Forkhead box protein M1 (FOXM1) and Centromere protein F (CENPF). This method helps to identify predictable biomarkers of prostate cancer and allows for early diagnosis and treatment.