Author: Lauren Elder

Lauren is from New York and has a keen interest in advancing scientific and health communication having experience with marketing and copyright content projects in biotechnology and healthcare start-ups promoting new technologies, copyright content and regulation of promotional and educational pharmaceutical materials within FDA compliance standards.

Cala Heath, Inc. is a bioelectronic medicine company that develops non-invasive neuromodulation therapies for chronic diseases through wearable devices. Their lead product, Cala Trio™ is FDA approved to treat essential tremor (ET), a neurological disorder that causes patients to experience involuntary rhythmic shaking in their hands, legs, head, trunk, or voice. ET is a progressive disease. Symptoms typically begin to appear when a person is in their 40s, and worsen with age. ET is a non-fatal diagnosis, however, symptoms can drastically hinder a person’s quality of life. The cause of ET is unknown, but it is believed that it may…

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