Biotech Metropolitan Women

Celebrating women leading the business of life science innovation in metro New York and beyond
Woman in suit at head of empty boardroom table looking over the city

These New York Metropolitan Women are Running the Business Side of Biotech

The emerging biotech scene in New York is refreshingly akin to the city’s eclectic metropolitan culture.  The city’s liberal and progressive landscape yields a diverse talent pool with the necessary attributes to spearhead medical science advancement.  Compared to other biotech hubs (eg. Biotech Bay, Biotech Beach, Biotech Capital), the opportunity might different for the  women founding innovative start-ups in metropolitan New York.  This city possess a sophisticated ingenious archetype that “make it happen”.

For all of the tri-state’s powerful women possessing the expertise, tenure and inclination to run life-sci companies and sit at executive boards, it is ever critical to nurture a network of leadership mentors, innovative thinkers and financial supporters of the life sci-ventures bringing diversity and forward thinking perspective to the healthcare industry.  The following  women are running the business side of biotech and are integral to the metropolitan life-sci ecosystem. I’ve met a number of these inspiring, innovative intrepid women. Whether transplant or native, CEO, Founder or Board Member, these leaders perfectly exemplify the Biotech Metropolitan Woman. Meet the Biotech Bosses of Metropolitan New York.